web3. fly. repeat.

The value of creators will now be realised fully and enshrined on-chain! Web3 makes it all possible, a powerful toolkit for a new era!

LZRBRD's mission is to build blockchain experiences that positively progress society's engagement with creators of arts and entertainment

--Made with passion in Europe--

Meet the crew

LZRBRD are friends, creators and technologists



Games (esp HTML5 game tech), music and entrepreneurship. Product development and partnerships are where Ciarán has spent the bulk of his career. A two time Google employee and founder, across sixteen years in tech. Passionate about people development, he has led teams on billion dollar tech products. Fortunate also to work directly on exploratory bets like Google Publish and DayDream VR. Created adepty.com marketplace to assist solo service providers during early stages of the Covid era.


Founder - ctO

Full stack blockchain developer.


Blockchain Advisor

Blockchain, game development, mentor & magic. Living a double life between China and the UK, Cambridge alum Tak has fifteen years of game development experience on top of managing engineering teams in Google and consulting Crypto Hedge Funds. His current area of interest is improving vision based ML and applying human faces to cats...


Full stack blockchain developer

We are always on the look out for talented people! We are especially interested in chatting to developers with experience in building Blockchain dApps.
Whatever your field of expertise, we valuable candidates who can demonstrate their passion through a portfolio of projects. If this is you, get in touch!


Engineering Advisor

Early Bitcoin investor and seasoned engineering veteran. Ark has lead and contributed to high profile engineering projects across some of the biggest names in tech. His expertise is across high performance java systems, big data, cloud deployments and resource autoscaling.
A deep thinker and pragmatic executioner.


Game ART & 3D Rendering

Comfortable on the outer-bounds of breakthrough design tools, he combines his passion with his craft bringing to life game art and vivid metaverse experiences.

Forged through action!

We waded into blockchain to assess for ourselves it's true potential for creators. As a result we picked up some experience along the way...

Unique Digital Art

We can create our own pieces using bleeding edge design tools like Blender or leverage tools like generative art scripts where necessary.

Royalties & Commissions

Web3 creates exciting possibilities such as making it feasible for an artist to implement an infinite resale royalty embedded into their digital art.

ERC721 Smart Contracts

We have learnt to create custom ERC721 smart contracts as a means to have greater control and creativity over our NFT creations before distributing them.

Get in touch

We love to meet new people with fresh ideas. If we can't help directly we will connect dots!