Immutable for more than 1500 YEARS & counting..

MΞgalithic // lzrbrd

A blockchain native art tribute to ancient Irelands'Standing Stones.A limited collection of vivid 4K animations of uniquely crafted 3D art works.

These ancient stones...are they a message? a memory?
a warning?


Available on OpenSea

In releasing the Megalitic collection lzrbrd seeks to surface deep primal sentiments of reverence and curiosity for a part of an ancestry long forgotten.

More than 1500 years ago those who occupied the lands of Ireland and beyond were compelled, in the face of immense physical hardship, to raise gigantic intrusive stone structures across the wild lush landscapes.

Mythology suggests this age belonged to sacred tribes, heroes, otherworldly deities.The distribution of stones across the land considered purposeful and deeply calculated. The significance of solar and lunar alignment whispered. Inscriptions carved into rugged stone faces, revealing only veiled secrets.

The true intentions and instigators of this great upheaval have been lost through passing of time, erased or forgotten by tender mortality of the lands inhabitants.

For those of us who grew up in their presence, we were told compelling stories crafted by elders. Tales of endurance, trickery, great battles and sacrifice. Of fairies and otherworldly spirits that we were told still remain today, on the periphery of our busied lives but never far away.We are told to respect the stones and of course to never ever displace them, for fear of the wrath that would surely follow.

And so for many of those who look upon them today, muddled emotions are activated... are these stones and their placement, part of an ancient code, are they a message? a memory? a warning?

Megalithic for some will be a beginning of a discovery, for others we hope it serves as a welcome reminder.

MΞgalithic, an immutable blockchain tribute to the wonder of ancient relics that persist today, from an almost forgotten age.

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